There is absolutely nothing more liberating than getting out of the shower and doing absolutely nothing to your hair because after a Brasil Cacau Keratin hair straitening treatment at Vince and John New Image. This Brasil Cacau Keratin reviews article discusses using the product on frizzy or coarse hair.

I ‘d been correcting my hair utilizing the Japanese hair correcting the alignment of technique which is popular in Hong Kong, where I used to live. When we returned to San Diego, I had a hard time discovering it. Rather, I decided to try the Brazilian keratin treatment at a hair salon in Vince and John New Image.

If you wish to de-frizz your hair, these two are the most commonly offered choices. I thought I ‘d write a post comparing the two techniques as they are quite different.

Brazilian keratin treatment evaluations are stellar for a good factor. The post picture above was taken right after mine was carried out by Vince and John New Image.

Why Choose Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening?

Keratin is the main protein of skin, hair, and nails. Adding it to your hair assists it goes back to a conditioned state

The Brazilian Keratin Process

First, my stylist washed my hair with hair shampoo only. She carefully applied the Keratin on small layers of my hair. I have a great deal of hair so this took some time.

Next, I sat under a dryer for about 15 minutes. She blow-dried my hair and after that began flat ironing it in extremely small areas. The flat iron traps the moisture and creates a glossy finish.

Brazilian keratin takes approximately about 4 hours however mine always takes longer.

Japanese Hair Straightening


This is my “before” picture and I am over seven months out of my last Japanese hair straightening. That’s method too long, but my hair is naturally much wavier than this. It was likewise pretty dry.

I think of the Japanese method takes quite a bit of training and practice due to the fact that if the chemicals are left in for even the slightest bit longer than needed, your hair will be fried. I understand, since it happened to me as soon as when I went to a more economical salon and am still in the process of growing the fried bits out from my headache aligning occasion. In spite of my complaint of fried hair from one hair salon, that I had the rest (3 years worth) of my Japanese Hair Straightening done at the salon in the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong so it was top of the line hair care. My hair would never ever go absolutely pin-straight, however, that’s the nature of it.

The Japanese procedure is similar to Brazilian keratin, other than that there’s a little more hair washing and sitting under the dryer. In my case, it takes the exact same quantity of time to provide or take as a Brazilian keratin treatment.

How Long Does a Brazilian Keratin Treatment Last?

Usually, Brazilian keratin must last in between about 3– 5 months. After that, your hair will return to its normal state, other than it needs to be much healthier and softer due to the conditioning effect of the keratin.

You’ll reapply the treatment to all of your hair when the treatment wears out. This a significant difference between Japanese straightening were correcting the alignment of grows out with your hair and Brazilian keratin.

Haircare After Straightening

With either treatment, you can’t clean your hair for about three complete days. Throughout this time you shouldn’t put any kind of hair clip or rubber band in it. You should not even put it behind your ear. Any of these will wreck the straightening. That indicates no exercise, in my case.

With the Brazilian keratin treatment. you can’t use any hair shampoo or conditioner with sulfates or sodium chloride. These strips the wetness from your hair and are just bad for you in general.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Reviews

  • Hi! This is a great review. I had my hair rebonded (the Japanese technique) last weekend and hair are fried and frizzy, like the texture of a

    broom! I’ve checked out that the treatment helps with damaged hair. Was this your experience?

It does assist but I’m not sure if you’re expected to wait a little bit or not. May want to ask your stylist. Yes, with Japanese you require a really excellent stylist to use. Are you in Singapore? I’m sure you can discover someone there. The problem as in Hong Kong is that there’s numerous available that it’s most likely difficult to find one that isn’t extremely costly. All the best!

  • I had keratin hair treatment in September. it was looking excellent even after 3 to 4 wash but didn’t stay the same. One thing made sure my hair texture has enhanced, I’m still utilizing BRASIL CACAU KERATIN & I should admit it is amazing. Even after 6 months b’ coz of morocco oil, my hair is manageable. This is the very first thing that got right for hair.


  • I did the Brazilian blowout at the beauty salon and it worked terrific for me! I then purchased the shampoo and conditioner and it has actually lengthened the effects of the blowout from the salon.


  • I didn’t have any adverse effects. However, it just lasted around 3 months for me. I run twice a week, so my hair does get sweaty often.


  • Keratin hair aligning item is great as it makes hair straights and smooth and prevents from being damage.


  • This treatment is excellent as it makes my hair soft, straight and glossy.


  • One day I go to my regional hair salon, and my hairdresser recommended that I use the Brazilian keratin treatment due to the fact that of my unruly ethnic hair. But, me not understanding anything about it I begin doing research. After hours of research study, I discover on the net the Natura Organic Hair Care System (keratin). It is organic, that was my best choice, I bought it on the site ( and went back to my hair salon and my hairstylist did the treatment on my hair. And, Woah. I have never ever been able to design my hair from start to complete that quick in my whole life! your hair dries very smooth, incredibly fast. In fact, if you wait too long to blow dry it, your hair will have air-dried on its own. My hair became definitely lovely, I have had numerous individual good friends do the Natura Keratin natural system and they can’t stop raving about it. If this process is something that would be perfect for your hair type.


  • I had been doing the keratin treatment for the previous 4 years. I had been utilizing the same brand name all these years however recently is not working the same way, perhaps they alter the mix and now they are utilizing less Formol however I have a few individuals not pleased with the outcomes as previously. I did some research study and I discovered the Natura Keratin and I buy the 4oz. sample (the strongest one) I will get it in a few days and I hope I get the results like the ones you are explaining. Let me ask you, that this keratin deals with all type of hair? even on the ones damaged my hair color and highlights?


  • I have had such difficulty finding an item for my wavy/curly hair. I have tried everything, and while some products worked fine, Moroccan Oil is the very best. It operates in all climates, which is fantastic for me because I travel a lot. I live mostly in a damp coastal environment, and my hair does not frizz ar fail considering that I started using this product. I like it!


  • I’m eagerly anticipating experimenting with one called Cocoa Keratin Smoothing treatment. From what I’ve read it has no silicone, sulfates or parabens … so it’s worth a shot. It lasts from 2 to 5 months and is the most natural one I’ve discovered up until now.


  • Am So thankful I discovered such a post now! This is my time of requirement!!

Brasil Cacau Keratin Reviews continued:

  • I rebonded my hair a year & 4 months back, but my hair is super long (end of my back).


  • So I still didn’t get rid of it completely! My original hair started 2 grow & it’s incredibly curly & frizzy, so the overall look is a catastrophe as top of my hair is curly & rest is smooth.on top of that, my hair falls allotted & really weak, super dry & damaged:-LRB- i regret hair rebonding a lot and I don’t advise any1 2 do it unless u currently have really strong hair that can bear such treatment. Now am considering doing keratin treatment on January 2 gave my hair sm more time, meanwhile, I desire 2 treat it with oils & help it restore its health, any idea where to find BRASIL CACAU KERATIN Malaysia? I saw that u r stating advantages abt these products & I desire 2 try them out, also, if any1 can recommend me any other item 2 remove rebonding chemicals from my hair I’ll be grateful. I can’t cut my hair more than 5cm! As my mama will kill me, that’s why I need substantial HELP prior to attending my buddy wedding in January.


  • On the photo your hair looks truly fantastic! I was thinking of doing the very same since … I discovered details from scientists that keratin couldn’t be taken in by itself into your hair without the aid of formaldehyde– a smelly gas– which belongs to this cosmetic. Its liquid service is used in a structured industry or for remains embalming! Some manufacturers say their product does not have formaldehyde and is totally natural. But as scientists are stating– even these items threaten due to the fact that rather of formaldehyde they consist of methanethiol which is once again formaldehyde but liquified in the water and during the straightening treatment it releases a poisonous gas. you can discover more info about this on my post: I lastly decided not to do it once I know how dangerous it is, but of course, this is your hair and your decision.


  • I recently had my very first keratin therapy done as well as was notified that I would certainly require to purchase a hair shampoo and also conditioner that is both sulfates entirely cost-free as well as if feasible salt chloride free of charge. My hairstylist watered the summary down by educating me these active ingredients found in every hair shampoo and conditioner unless otherwise defined would certainly remove all the important therapy I just paid for out of my hair. I went on the internet and did a great deal of research study and also consulted with my hairdresser (5th ave beauty salon). I went with the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and also the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner and also am gladly stunned. Not simply is it keeping as much of the therapy in as feasible, however, it leaves my lengthy, thick, freshly straight hair SO SOFT! Specifically in combination with the conditioner. It has a refined, tidy odor and also feels slightly thick when utilizing. The $20 expense is a little severe in contrast to claim a pharmacy shampoo, but it absolutely exposes a difference than those products.


  • First of all I would like to say superb blog site! I had a fast concern that I ‘d like to ask if you do not mind. I wondered to understand how you focus yourself and clear your head prior to writing. I’ve had a challenging time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I do enjoy composing however it simply seems like the very first 10 to 15 minutes are normally squandered just trying to find out how to begin. Any ideas or tips? Cheers!

Brasil Cacau Keratin Reviews continued:

  • I get keratin treatments in my hair every 6 weeks and the BRASIL CACAU KERATIN (With the hair oil) are outstanding in deep treating my hair to keep my treatment. Leaves hair smelling wonderful even after hair has been washed and blow-dried. Get the Shielo products– they will make the treatment recently longer, and you will save so much money in the long run.
  • I like the very best JUVEXIN treatment to play with my curly and frizzy hair. Harmless and pure natural. Formaldehyde is totally free. Only one application keeps my hair straight, smooth and soft for up to 5 months. Derived from pristine sheep through a natural and friendly process. I get this treatment every six months. A little bit an expensive one but the price worth it since of its tremendous results. I will never ever go back to any other treatment.


  • I truly wasn’t impressed with Karmin Cocoa Keratin. And I have tried several Brazilian hair treatments, the only one that has worked for me is Keratin Complex. And I didn’t need to get one type of smoothing therapy since they had lots of kinds. The keratin treatment repaired my damaged hair and provided me directly, non-frizzy, not harmed, and definitely not thinning hair like recommended in a few of these comments. Sure, you should not get it done earlier than you should, much like you should dye your hair blonde monthly. Because excessive of anything is bad for you. Well, the exact same thing applies here. Just do not exaggerate using smoothing therapies and you will have remarkable hair. I also utilize their shampoos and conditioners. They make the smoothing treatment last longer. Awesome stuff.


  • I feel so related to this post, I am an African American lady who is retiring making use of relaxers for hair so the Keratin Complex duo is the start of keeping my keratin-treated hair, and my experience can inform which contains a light, fresh, and tidy fragrance that makes my hair smells AMAZING. I’ve noticed that my hair is strong and that there is no breakage despite me having the keratin on my hair. I have been made a lot of mistakes with my hair after my keratin treatments, I know the significance of utilizing the ideal items to make the results last as long as we can … It might be a little pricey however you just require a small amount to make the task. Amazon beats out my stylist and every other site I’ve inspected to purchase these SERIOUSLY however you can have all the information here.