Permanent Hair Straightening melbourne

Permanent hair straightening near me

Vince and John New Image have been performing permanent hair straightening in Melbourne since we first opened our doors in 1972, with our attention to detail making us renowned throughout the city. From traditional methods of permanently straightening hair, to the more innovative of safe chemical straightening, we’ll be able to give you that perfectly straight look that you’ve always wanted.

We can offer you a free consultation to understand your desired look and feel for permanently straightening your hair. During this, we’ll be able to talk you through all of the options that there are for permanently straightened hair, and which one will provide you with the very best results. We’ve helped many people in Melbourne over the years with our traditional and chemical hair straightening techniques, and can do the same for you.

Shiseido Permanent Hair Straightening in South Yarra

Shiseido permanent hair straightening near me has become a very popular alternative to achieving perfectly straight hair across Melbourne. It involves the crystallisation of a chemical compound known as liscio, which will not only straighten the follicles, but also soften it beyond your wildest dreams. This form of permanent hair straightening will also last for a very long time.

The Shiseido process normally takes between 4-6 hours, but we’ll fix you up with a complimentary coffee to make the time fly by! Our staff will also suggest the best hair treatments for you to use, to ensure the longevity of your newly straightened hair. Alternatively, you can also buy these hair products online from our store.

So if you’re unhappy with the frizziness, or are seeking a more permanent straightening solution, come visit us in our Melbourne studio. We can not only give you the permanently straight hair that you’ve always desired, but we can also make sure that it stays straight for a long time to come.



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