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TEK Elite Rectangle Hair Brush


TEK brushes are made with all natural elements; the stem and teeth are made from high quality wood, and the teeth are embedded in an anti-static rubber. TEK’s round tooth wooden brushes do not tear the hair and are hypo allergenic so they do not cause irritations on the even the most sensitive of scalps or skin and do not stress the hair.

Using TEK brushes to massage the scalp while brushing your hair does not affect the keratin presence, however it does remove excess sebum (oil) from the scalp while reinforcing the roots of the hair and increasing blood circulation.

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When brushing with a TEK hair brush, be sure to massage the scalp with the wooden teeth, this increases blood circulation under the scalp, and removes excess sebum from the scalp. The rectangle shape is fantastic for travel and for short to medium hair, or men.

All TEK Brushes are hand made in Italy.

Part of the ELITE collection, this rectangle hair brush is crafted from precious Olive Wood, with a more generous handle.

Style Number: 1620-05