A brand new, revolutionary hair extensions system is now available at Vince and John New Image.

A simple yet intricate knot is placed in the hair to attach the extension, using no glue, waxes, bonds, beads or strings, the Knot Technology hair extensions are pure hair.

The knot does not slip from the hair, and is made stronger when puller or made wet. The system is easily removed from the hair using no toxins or chemicals.

Because the Knot Technology add no bonds, glues, wefts, waxes or beads to your hair, the hair extensions are extremely hard to detect leaving you with a natural looking, thick, volumous, long set of locks.

Exclusive to Vince and John New Image salon, the knot technology hair extensions use the best quality Indian or Euro Remy Hair.

Prices are available on consultation. Call and book now 03 9827 4045.